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Iron Republic (Profile)

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Iron Republic
The Iron Republic is a Federal Republic based in on the Iron Islands. A 950 mile long island chain of about 400+ islands. It is a Leader of the free world and boasts one of the Largest Navies in the world.

The original inhabitants of the Iron Islands are known as the Ironborn, known as the first people. They arrived 2,000 years before the Jin-mei, and have lived mostly on the Islands of Maui and Oahu. All Islands are volcanic active and the lava is rich in Iron and tungsten, meaning the Ironborn are masters at sword making. The Volcanic activity also gave the island a entire some of the most fertile soil anywhere in the world, with Ironborn growing crops like Coffee and Potatoes. Their form of government appeared as a form of feudalism, with warlords controlling large tribes and parts of the islands.

The Exile
The history of the Modern Island began with the Migrant fleet. A 3,000+ ship fleet of unknown origin arrived at the Iron Islands with the second of the 3 ethnic groups: the Jin-mei. Relations were peaceful initially, the Jin-mei provided naval expertise and Electricity while the Ironborn provided Agricultural and Land combat skills. The Jin-mei also brought with them crops like rice, and livestock like The first 100 years were peaceful to say the least. Beginning relations were peaceful, a coalition council was formed to help ease relations between both ethnic groups. Many warlord openly embraced these new strangers, however, many among the general population disagreed as most of the benefits went to the powerful and the Jin-mei. 20 years in, relations began to slowly fall apart, the Peasent class of the Ironborn were beginning to lash out at the Jin-mei populations, who were now living in communities next to them. Relations were quickly fall apart, with race riots breaking out in multiple townships and cities. Relations in the council began to sour, as the warlords either refused or procrastinated on the demands from their counterparts. Eventually war broke out in the city of Kona, when a Ironborn hate group bombed a Jin-mei apartment unit, killing 600 people and inuring 100. In outrage, Jin-mei ships shelled a Ironborn fishing village in retaliation, killing 2,000+ leading to the First Inter-Island war.

The First Inter-Island war
As war broke out among the Islands, the Ironborn originally had the upper-hand, as their population was masters at ground combat. The Ironborn Secured Oahu and Maui within days. However, the Jin-mei had centuries of naval warfare heritage, which played to their advantage. The Ironborn lost the battle of Dragon's bay, then Loihi Sea, and had their fleet obliterated during the failed blockade of Hilo Harbor. 3 years into the war, the Jin-mei narrowly captured the Big Island, shelling 4 cities and 20 villages, forcing the Ironborn on the Island to surrender. With the big island captured, the Jin-mei used the Iron from the lava fields to help bring their navy into overdrive. With their bolstered navy, the Jin-mei smashed the Ironborn's remaining navy. However, the gains on the ground were not as easy, the Ironborn successfully defended the fortress cities of Diamond Peak and Obsidian crater. However, they were losing ground, the JM army had assistance from naval artillery and were able to give accurate coordinates thanks to developments like the radio and tracer shells. In desperation, the Ironborn employed, and successfully fielded trained Velociraptors on the off guard Jin-mei, easily handing the Ironborn six victories across Maui. Eventually the land campaign on Maui became meat-grinder, with the bloodiest battle, the Siege of Riverrun, claiming about 3.2 million lives. The conflict would continue for 5 more years before the Ironborn Surrendered. The Campaign had costs both sides a total of 10 million men and women. 14 Cities had been razed to the ground and dozens of towns and villages had been wiped off the map. The Ironborn were forced to pay the Jin-mei repatriations and dissolve their old feudalistic ways, the jin-mei agreed to cut their navy and to assist in rebuilding the settlements they once destroyed.

Ethnic groups:
The Iron Islands have 3 Primary ethnic groups inhabiting the Island, as well as smaller ethic races newly introduced.

The more prominent of the Ethnic groups, they were the first to arrive on the Islands and colonize it. They are Caucasian in heritage, with German features. Ironborn are known for being fearless, brave, headstrong, and a bit overzealous. They're loyal to the end, and don't tend to hold grudges. In the modern Iron Republic, they are mostly in the labor and military sector of the Republic, as well as skilled politicians. Some say they lack the imagination and creativity of their Jin-mei counterparts. Ironborn love a good fight and make up the majority of the Island's physical sports, like fencing, Thrashball, and Baseball.
The more Reserved of the Ethnic groups. Jin-mei were the second ethnic group to land on the Islands, and they were the first to bring modern wonders to it. Jin-mei are known to be Imaginative, reserved, and calculating. They live life to a semi-strict regimen, and tend to remember all the minute details. They are leaders of most of the nation's private sector and are renowned engineers and architects. What they make up in intellegence, they lack in physical traits, Jin-mei are known for not being as physical as their Ironborn brothers. They are excellent marksmen and archers, and enjoy more calculating sports, like clay shooting, flying, and racing. Women are known as the most attractive.
Last introduced, they are actually a mix. People who's heritage is a mix of Ironborn and Jin-mei. They are usually a mix of the former of the two ethnic groups. They are typically viewed as free thinkers, refusing to be put in careers they believe don't suit them. They are known for being laid back, happy go lucky, and very flirtatious. They are make up the nation's vast entertainment industry, from cheap skin flicks to expensive multi million dollar movie productions. They are known to possess the best of both castes and have a infamous reputation of being overly promiscuous people.

the Iron Republic Is a federal Republic, with 3 branches of government and a system of checks and balances. The Republic has a Imperial Emperor, but it is more of a figure head than a actual person of power.
Executive Branch
The Head of the

Iron Republic Military
The Iron Republic differs from most armed forces in which it is a primarily naval based faction, with no official army. In lieu of a Army the Iron Republic has a Expeditionary Force and Air Force. Recruitment age is 16 and the Republic's military is a all volunteer force, conscription is only used in time of peril and other state of emergencies. Enlisted must serve a minimum of 8 years unless given special permission to leave early. Those who attempt to leave are tried and convicted of desertion. The Iron Military has a mixed sex policy, both genders serve side by side.

The Iron Military has 5 Branches that citizens may join: Expeditionary Force, Navy, Air force, Coast Guard, and Elite Guard.

Iron Republic Navy
By far the largest of the five branches, the navy accounts for 72% of the Iron republic's military expenditure. The IRN fields up to 2,500 surface combat ships in it's fleet withc close to 8 million citizens in active service. In addition to the combatant fleet, the IRN also boasts the largest merchant fleet with up to 5,000 ship of various sizes serving in the merchant marine and the naval reserve. The IRN's primary mission is to project the power of the Iron Republic, using tried and true naval tactics since the Inter-Island wars.
The IRN's surface fleet comprises of a mixture of Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and frigates giving the IRN the flexibility it needs to meet any threat they meet on the open seas. Total inventory consists of:

-6 Resolute class carriers (Shinano)
-10 Tyrant class Heavy Battleships (Yamato)
-4 Eclipse class battleships (Izumo)
-22 Vanguard class battleships (amagi)
-22 Kailua class battleships (Nagato)
-34 Fortress class battleships (Fuso)
-46 Clipper class battlecruisers (Kongo)
-54 Phalanx class battlecruisers (Myogi class, 1 lost to ammo magazine detonation accident, all hands lost)
-4 Dreadnoughts (Kawachi class)
-1 Pre-Dreadnought (Mikasa class)

-68 Interceptor class heavy cruisers (Zao class)
-72 Interdictor subclass heavy cruisers (Ibuki subclass)
-102 Orion class heavy cruiser (myoko class)
-102 Epoch class heavy cruiser (Atago class)
-8 Lancer class heavy cruisers (tone class)
-152 Marathon class light cruisers (mogami class)
-76 Raptor class light cruiser (aoba class)
-200 Wayfinder class troop cruiser (Kuma class)
-250 Clipper class patrol cruisers (Katori class)

-320 Darter class Destroyers (gearing class)
-280 Town class Destroyers (fletcher)

Small patrol craft (these serve as the coast guard/border patrol so they are semi navy
-300 Type 32 Patrol boat (CB90s)
-140 Type 42 Patrol boat (E-boats)
Weaponry on the most warships are Projectile/laser hybrid weapons, a weapon that can switch between laser and projectiles on a moments notice.


IRN Adrmial Zhao (BB-47) Transiting the Northern Sea.

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Re: Iron Republic (Profile)

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A Iron Republic Raptor Trainee with one of his raptors.

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