The Zeyan Confederation (Profile)

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The Zeyan Confederation (Profile)

Post by BottleBoy on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:21 pm

All of this is still work in prograss so sorry for the broken ass grammar.

The Zeyan Confederation is a hilly and flat nation located in the southern part of "same island as spartacus". It's a highly religious nation, that worships Fire and the Lord of Fire. A phoenix named R'hullar who appearently flew to the first Zeyanian tribes and taught the people the ways of fire. The Temple of R'hullar is the "church" of Zeyan. R'hullar also has a cult devoted to him, called "Children of R'hullar". And the cult consists of people with a high status in Zeyan, such as nobles.
Zeyan is a feudal socity, where the top consists of royals and nobles. And the lowest are peasants. Nobles hold land, which can be a small fortress to multiple cities. Each noble has to provide healthy and strong men
to join the Zeyanian Armed Forces. The number of men depends on the size of the land the noble has. Many nobles also command their own forces in time of war, they may also be given the important role of generals
Centuries ago, Zeyan was just a small nation, but quickly rose to power, as they conquered four other nations around them. The victories won back then, is also remembered through the Confederations flag today. The Zeyanians believe that R'hullar led them to victory, as Zeyan was the smallest tribe out of them all.
Zeyanian Military
The Zeyanian Armed Forces are made up of heavily armoured infantry, armoured vehicles and airships.
The tactics the Zeyanians use, is trench warfare and human wave attacks because of the large population number in Zeyan, which reaches around a billion. A civilian can't just join the army though. Those selected to be soldiers, are trained in their early teens and are shipped off to a proper military training facility when they reach the age of 16. Then they will be taught proper military training. Where in their early teens, they would do drill training and improve their strength/endurance. But in wartime, men can also be conscripted, if the military is in dire need of more men. The average soldier retires after twenty years of service.
Life in Zeyan
The civilian life in Zeyan is a hard working one. You work six days a week, and on the sunday you pray to R'hullar and perform rituals all day. The work people recieve is a very simple process, if you live in the big cities, then you work in the factories or you own your own shop or work in a shop. If you live outside the cities, then you mine resources and farm. Most farms are created underground today, due to the acid rain and radiation storms.

The Zeyan Confederation flag, with a phoenix (R'hullar) in the middle, and four stripes that resembles the four nations conquered, centuries ago.

Criminals of any form, are normally executed by being burnt alive publicly. The men with bags over their heads, are red priests who also function as executioners. The priests are not allowed to show their face, and therefor hides it under a black bag.
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