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Rules and forum guide

Post by Piggo on Wed Aug 02, 2017 6:44 pm

1. All non-conflict images of your faction are to be posted in your own individual thread. Don't post your faction images in the thread of someone else. Create a thread for a new war.
2. No rules for faction creation but i choose the final location. 99% of the time ill probably say yes but try not to put yourself too close to other factions to avoid complications
3. All conflicts must be agreed on first. Not necessarily what happens but rather an agreement on it starting, to avoid stuff like "but my Drunk wizard missles would have stopped that!"
4. Don't go into space
5. Don't make shit that is hideously OP that you're gonna be anal about, i.e you can't build a machine to tell you were all the islands are, you can't make a laser that would blow up an entire island etc etc. I.e Make your faction rounded you cuck. Also don't make vehicles that are invicinble for some reason i.e "THEY'VE GOT STEALTH PAINT AND EVERY DEFENCE IMAGINABLE WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT GOT SHOT DOWN???????"
6. Everything is still judged by real world sense, even if a faction is fantasy or sci fi. Got armoured elephants in your faction and you're going up against tanks? Yeah i don't care wether they've been "Magically enhanced",
your elephants are going to get splattered.
7. However, if you want to make a faction thats older than other factions but don't want to make it super powerful numbers wise or some shit, remember: you're allowed to write in reasons why people can't touch you. Hell just say "theres a giant sea monster around my island that can't be killed". There. Sure its OP but its not a weapon, its simply a way of preventing other factions from killing you off. Also you can just refuse war lmao

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